Puss in Boots Lessons

Turn your students theater experience into an opportunity to enhance their reading comprehension, writing and creativity with these simple activities.

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PreK & Early Elementary

Read to the children a version of Puss in Boots. Discuss the differences between the book and the play. Start a writing prompt and have the children illustrate and/or write one of the following...

* If Boots could help you make your dreams come true, what would you want him to help you with?

* Create your own newspaper headline that involves your students fullfilling their dreams.

* If you had a talking cat, what would you ask it?

Older Elementary

*This play is set in 1927. America has changed a great deal since then. Have the students research life in the 1920's and have them write what they would like if they lived in America in the 1920's and what they wouldn't like if they lived inthe 1920's.

*Have your class create their own classroom newspaper set in the future, with headlines about the students accomplishing their dreams.

*Immigrants where entering America at this time, just like Giovanni. Encourage your students to research their own heritage and when their family first entered the country.



Baseball and the Great Bambino where headlines in this time period. Giovanni loved the New York Yankees. Discuss some of the science principals and physics behind the game of baseball and demonstate it on the playground. Many educational websites can be found to fit your grade level.



Woman gained the right to vote in the 1920's. Have the students vote on a subject of your choice and analyse the outcome. What would be the winning vote if just the boys voted, if the girls voted and with both voting. Did it affect the overall results?

Expand the theater experience to the math lesson, by having the children create a miniature theater set from a scene in the play. Set designers not only have to be creative and artistic, but they also have to have mechanical skills. Have the class pick a favorite set and try to recreate it. Use items like straws, sticks, felt, and paper and have the children measure and design the set, making sure it functions as it did on stage.


The World

The play is set in America in the 1920's. Many immigrants entered the county during this time. Research what countries where entering and chart the results. What countries were banned from entering at this period.

Have the children research their heritage and do research on a country that their ancestors came from.


Music and Culture

Music and Culture where very different in the 1920's. Listen to music from this area, clothes and discuss what people did for fun. Discuss the differences between then and now.